Hillcrest Neighbors Community

HillcrestLogo3Inspired by the days of early pioneers who relied on their neighbors for friendship, social activities and help with difficult tasks, Julie, Al, and Aida wanted to bring this concept to the modern day as a way of building a stronger community in their neighborhood. The Hillcrest Neighbors Community Group is a group of neighbors in the Concord, CA’s Hillcrest Neighborhood who are working together to build a stronger community.

The best thing about the neighborhood is the growing sense of the strong-knit community that now exists among neighbors who didn’t know each other before. Acquaintances blossom into friendships. People learn what they have in common and share their skills and expertise. It’s nice to know that there are people around you who you can lean on or who can lean on you in times of need, that we all have a common goal in improving our neighborhood and making it safe. And knowing your neighbors, at its core, is what the Hillcrest Neighbors Community is all about.

The members of this social group get together monthly. Social interactions range from walking your dog with other neighbors, meeting for dinner or drinks, hosting various free events on your street, helping neighbors fix their yard or paint their house, finding local resources, sharing resources and the list goes on.

  • free social events to get to know each other
  • to improve our neighborhoods by helping one another
  • to improve our neighborhoods through safety and education
  • share resources


We are a community group of neighbors, all volunteer our time,  and we can use more neighbors and people and volunteers that want to help with our projects and events.

The Hillcrest Community Group has a private group on nextdoor. Private groups are similar to facebook private pages.  We will share events related to only our immediate neighborhood and other information as needed.

Click here to join nextdoor

Any proceeds from events go back into the community for future social events and improvements in our neighborhood and a little bit of administration costs of running this website.


New Event Calendar

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