New Event Calendar

I’m kind of a visual person, I need to see the calendar in month view to make sure I’m not double-booking event on a day that another person has an event planned. Even though we have nextdoor events, not everyone is posting their events for the neighborhood on it and that in general is an issue. I think that someone may be posting events on a facebook page somewhere but I’m not privy to that information.

For the moment, if you have an event and you would like us to post it on the website, please use the contact page and send us details

As soon as possible, within a few months (planned date: 1/5/17) we will setup the login for you to post your own events here. The app costs money, so we need to get it rolling on a paying site first

And we encourage you to use nextdoor for your events as well, we will be putting them on this calendar as they popped up.


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