New Event Calendar

I’m kind of a visual person, I need to see the calendar in month view to make sure I’m not double-booking event on a day that another person has an event planned. Even though we have nextdoor events, not everyone is posting their events for the neighborhood on it and that in general is an issue. I think that someone may be posting events on a facebook page somewhere but I’m not privy to that information.

For the moment, if you have an event and you would like us to post it on the website, please use the contact page and send us details

As soon as possible, within a few months (planned date: 1/5/17) we will setup the login for you to post your own events here. The app costs money, so we need to get it rolling on a paying site first

And we encourage you to use nextdoor for your events as well, we will be putting them on this calendar as they popped up.


Air Plant Planters

How To Transform An Old Wine Cork Into An Air Plant Planter

There are so many reasons to start a garden in your backyard (like better sleep and a boost in feel-good hormones), but not everyone is blessed with plentiful outdoor space or a green thumb – myself included. Because of my limited living space and my inability to keep anything alive, I tend to gravitate toward…

Fly Trap

Brilliant Man Builds Trap That Kills 1,697 Horseflies In Just One Week

If you’ve ever been bitten by a horsefly, you know how painful – and then itchy – it can be. Usually, horseflies try to bite horses and cattle, but they are also known to bite other animals, including humans. Some areas are known to have a lot of horseflies, which can make outdoor recreation completely miserable….

Zucchini Cheesy Bread

Zucchini Cheesy Bread

This low-carb cheesy bread from is so unbelievably satisfying you won’t even miss the bread.

Remove blocked access

Remove blocked access to the Park

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Little Free Pantry

Such a good idea, being neighborly


Neighbors helping neighbors Learn More

Little Things – Urban Exploration

This is what getting to know each other is all about

Woman Sneaks Into Old Abandoned House, Only To Find A Lonely Man Standing In The Living Room

Urban exploration (UE) is the exploration of man-made structures, places usually abandoned or hidden from the general public. Like many urban explorers, the man behind UE-based blog Freaktography is always fascinated by one particular idea… …What if it’s not abandoned? That’s exactly what the following story is all about.

The Bag Ladies

Volunteers Recycle Over 52,000 Plastic Bags Into Sleeping Mats for the Homeless

Photo by Bob Donaldson for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A group of women in Tennessee have transformed more than 52,000 used plastic bags into waterproof sleeping mats for the local homeless population. Hailing mostly from the Second Baptist Church in Union City, the self-described “Bag Ladies” c …

Block Party Costs

While we absolutely love bringing the neighbors together for fun in the sun, hot dogs, jumpy houses, games and just generally getting to know each other, these events aren’t cheap to put together even with the lovely support of the Bridge Church. For 2017’s event, we will be starting a gofund me account to generate some funds to continue having these events. We would love to invite food trucks or animal petting zoos or more block party types of things for the future but these kind of things cost money too

2015-2016 Financials for the Block Party

Download (XLSX, 16KB)

A spark of an idea

this is what helping neighbors should be about, helping one another

Lonely Neighbor Faces $3K A Day In Violations, Then Catches A Couple Secretly Fixing Her House

Many young couples spend their summer camping, or kayaking, or relaxing or vacationing. But Kristin and Adam Polhemus did none of these things. Instead, the married couple from Hamilton Township, New Jersey spent their summer fixing up the run-down house next door. The house belongs to an older woman who, for years, lived in social isolation….